Want to order custom? (UNAVAILABLE)

We've tried making the ordering process as easy as possible. All that you need to do is copy and paste this info. to us for your order, we will fill out the detailed order form for you with the information given. You will then get a confirmation email with a paypal request for payment. Orders done by measurement and color number can simply be emailed to eric@northwestlace.com, orders that require a template and hair sample can be mailed to the address at the bottom of each page on our website. An old piece can be used as a template as well.

Here is the information needed (you can cut & paste and email this or mail it in if sending a template, etc):

Template to be mailed, or dimensions of base you need in inches (standard orders are up to 8" x 10"):
Hair Sample to be mailed or color number:
Base requested (French Lace, Swiss Lace, Thinskin, etc):
Hair Length:
Gray Hair Percentage, if any:
Graduated Hairline?
Curl (Bodywave, Straight Hair, Etc):
Ventilation/Style (Freestyle, Flatback, Center Crown, etc):
Bleached knots at hairline and exposed areas such as parts or crowns:

Send Order Info

How to make a template

Photos 1 & 2: Tear off a large sized piece of 12” wide clear plastic wrap and tie it into a knot under your chin, or if someone is helping you hold the pieces down tightly just beyond your chin so that it is very tight on your scalp. Then use 2-3 layers of scotch type tape (one layer at a time, overlapping with each additional layer) to begin making a hard mold of your balding area. Use at least one layer from side to side and one layer from front to back.

Photo 3: Determine your hairline by raising your eyebrows and placing your fingers side by side above them. A natural hairline should be around 3-4 finger widths above your raised eyebrows. A little higher for those that are middle aged or used to have a naturally high hairline. Take a sharpie marker and outline from your hairline all the way around your scalp where you need your hairpiece to cover.

Photo 4: If you want a defined part ventilated into the hairpiece, draw a line where you want it to be. If you want a crown near the back, place an "x" where you would like your crown to be placed. You can also draw arrows of the way you want the hair ventilated. If you are not sure, it's best not to draw arrows and request "freestyle" ventilation. This gives you the ultimate ability to comb the hair in any direction you desire. Then be sure to clearly mark "F" for "front" at the front of the template so we know which end is the hairline. After finishing these steps, take clear packing tape and put one layer over your completed template. This will make it a hard shell, now just cut around the black lines and you have your completed template.

Measuring for a full cap hairpiece

Density Scale

Our density scale is as follows, if you are used to a lower scale just let us know and we will help you determine which density range would work for you on our scale:

  • Extra Light: 60%
  • Light: 80%
  • Medium Light: 100%
  • Medium: 120%
  • Medium Heavy: 130%
  • Heavy: 150%
  • Extra Heavy: 180%

Medium light (100% density):